Bringing infectious disease prevention
to Cambodia

Angfa focuses considerable efforts on preventing infectious diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria.
We developed a soap we call SAVE SOAP to help prevent* infectious disease.
The soap helps teach children is Cambodia the importance of
disease prevention through washing their hands and body,
leading to a brighter future for them all.
*Through washing behavior

Mother and Child Health Conditions
in Cambodia

Cambodia suffers from insufficient public health services due to under-resourced public health facilities caused by a prolonged civil war,
a lack of public health personnel, and poor treatment of civil servants.
Nutrition and hygiene are also generally poor.
Because many citizens lack sufficient knowledge about good hygiene practices, conditions in Cambodia remain relatively poor compared to neighboring countries.
As part of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), numerical targets have been set in the public health field,
and the government and aid organizations are tackling numerous initiatives to improve health conditions.

Global causes of death in children under 5
Source: UNICEF 2013

About the

Improving hygienic conditions in Cambodia with your help The SAVE SOAP Project.
You will receive your soap without a seal,
but those sent to Cambodia have a cute bear seal to help appeal to kids.

  • STEP1

    When you buy one SAVE SOAP…
  • STEP2

    The project delivers one SAVE SOAP all the way to Cambodia.
  • STEP3

    The cute bear seal appeals to kids.


SAVE SOAP contains natural aromatic ingredients,
and is made from 100% natural cleaning ingredients to leave your skin feeling moist and smooth.

  • POINT 01 All-in-one full body soap
  • POINT 02 All-natural, additive free composition
  • POINT 03 Environmentally friendly

The World’s First
Washable Book

This first-of-its-kind picture book uses a water transparency printing technology where colorful hidden images appear when the book is soaked in water, creating an experience of enjoying a story unfold by washing the pages with soap.
Before the book is wet, the pages depict an everyday scene of children.
When the child cleans the dirty hand on the right-side page with soap, a vision of a wonderful future appears.
Our aim to help children understand that hand washing can change the future.

Winner of the Grand Prize
at the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards 2018

~An international creativity award for the Asia-Pacific region~

Awards theme: “BRANDS THAT DO GOOD AND DO WELL” Awards concept: Creativity + Human Good + Results

This year’s prize winner is not merely a “Washable Book”. Angfa hopes to communicate the idea to children that handwashing can change their future, and received recognition that our actions embody the theme and concept proposed by the Tambuli Awards, that of doing Human Good.

Activity Report

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