Corporate History

Angfa started business in 1987 as an importer of aging care products, including foreign cosmetics, health foods and pharmaceuticals. In 2001, as its first original product, it worked with AGA clinic doctors to develop MD soap, a shampoo specialized for those clinics’ patients. After winning high praise at the clinics, it went on general sale in 2005 as “SCALP-D Medical Shampoo”. This product, embodying the core needs of the clinic patients, sparked off the hair growth shampoo market in Japan.
Hair restoration is a part of aging care. Now, as a total aging care company, we are working with doctors and experts in every field to develop new anti-aging products and services that incorporate preventative medicine, letting all of you who want to be healthy and youthful forever maintain your ideal self.

1987 Angfa Co., Ltd. established.
1991 Began importing and exporting products such as cosmetics, health foods, non-medicinal health products, and medical supplies
1999 Started joint research of original products with hair specialist clinics.
2001 Developed “Medical Soap,” a shampoo to suit a rare scalp type
2003 Established the Shinjuku Office in a medical institution.
2004 Medical hair growth shampoo “SCALP-D” developed
2005 SCALP-D goes on sale. The company’s e-commerce site is opened to accompany this release, and its mail order business begins in earnest.
2008 Angfa begins sales of its first original product for women, SCALP-D Ladies.

Started hair regeneration medicine “Hair Bank Project” which will be the first step of aging medical care for the future

Establishment of stem cell regeneration therapeutics course at St. Marianna University of Medicine(Donated by Angfa)

Collaborative research and support for hair regeneration medicine in collaboration with the university began

2012 The aging care information site “karada aging”, operated under the supervision of specialist doctors, opens.
2013 Joint development of Minoxidil preparations with Toa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. begins.
2014 Relocated offices to Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

“Preventive Medicine” is adopted as the company’s tag line, and development of food and hormone care products begins.

Our e-commerce site exceeds one million members.

2016 The number of drugstores that handle our products reaches approximately 4,500 nationwide.

The company celebrates the 30th anniversary of its founding.

The Save Soap Project is launched, providing one bar of soap to developing countries for every one bought.

Angfa’s first food brand, Dr’s Natural Recipe, goes on sale.

The hormone care brand DOU, which regulates the hormone balance problems that are typical of the menopause, goes on sale.

2018 SCALP-D Medical Minox 5, a category 1 OTC medicine containing minoxidil, goes on sale.

Product History

  • Medical Shampoo (Discontinued)
    Medical Shampoo (Discontinued)
    Develops shampoo specially for patients undergoing hair treatment
  • AAC (Discontinued)
    AAC (Discontinued)
    The company's first aging care cosmetics focusing on chronic inflammation
    A scalp care shampoo based on a clinic-exclusive product, improved for general sale
  • SCALP-D D-Style Wax
    SCALP-D D-Style Wax
    Scalp-friendly hair styling using mainly natural ingredients
  • SCALP-D Ladies SOYFULL (Discontinued)
    SCALP-D Ladies SOYFULL (Discontinued)
    SCALP-D Shampoo for women
  • SCALP-D Beaute Pure Free Eyelash Serum
    SCALP-D Beaute Pure Free Eyelash Serum
    A beauty serum for eyelashes containing ingredients to promote hair growth
  • Fresh deli (Discontinued)
    Fresh deli (Discontinued)
    Frozen home delivery of carefully selected materials devised by aging care doctors
  • SCALP-D Beaute Scalp Essence
    SCALP-D Beaute Scalp Essence
    Hair growth agent for women containing estradiol
  • SCALP-D Beaute Hear Color Treatment
    SCALP-D Beaute Hear Color Treatment
    Containing penetrating collagen and argan oil, a hair color treatment that doesn’t damage the hair
  • SCALP-D 【Scalp Esthe】Mechano Bio
    SCALP-D 【Scalp Esthe】Mechano Bio
    A scalp massage machine that combines research on the hair with Panasonic's engineering technology
  • SCALP-D Hybrid Protein
    SCALP-D Hybrid Protein
    For after training, a protein powder that includes the nutrients that create hair
  • D-SKIN Men
    D-SKIN Men
    Skin care products for men containing carefully selected Japan-produced ingredients
  • SCALP-D Morning Jet Scalp Shampoo
    SCALP-D Morning Jet Scalp Shampoo
    A spray shampoo specially designed for morning use
  • Dr’s Natural Recipe
    Dr’s Natural Recipe
    A food brand based on the concept of “cleaning the body from the inside”
    A scalp care shampoo series for use in the 20s onwards
  • SCALP-D Beaute Natuluster
    SCALP-D Beaute Natuluster
    An organic shampoo including Ecocert certified ingredients
  • DOU
    For everyday fatigue in all kinds of situations at work or home. Includes AS10, which contains ingredients jointly developed with NASA.
  • SCALP-D Green Juice Saw Palmetto
    SCALP-D Green Juice Saw Palmetto
    A supplement combining the Japanese health drink aojiru with the hair growth ingredient saw palmetto
  • SCALP-D Medical MINOX 5
    SCALP-D Medical MINOX 5
    A hair growth tonic containing the growth-promoting ingredient minoxidil
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