Promotion October 12 2018

SCALP-D Maker Angfa Presents Type 1 Pharmaceutical “Hair Growth Agent”* Product! SCALP-D Medical MINOX 5, containing 5% hair growth ingredient “minoxidil”

Release on October 12, 2018

The SCALP-D Medical MINOX 5 hair growth agent* contains 5% minoxidil, which has been recognized within Japan as a general pharmaceutical ingredient with hair growth effects. It was co-developed by Angfa and Toa Pharmaceuticals (HQ: Toyama; representative director: Toshiro Nakai).

For the past 19 years, Angfa has performed many joint studies with doctors working at hair specialist medical institutions, presented its findings on hair around the world, and received many awards. SCALP-D is known as a "total hair care brand" with a large number of products, from shampoo to hair restoration agents in the hair care, hair restoration, and hair loss prevention categories. In addition to these, a "new hair growth" category was added, providing comprehensive coverage of prevention, restoration, and new growth. This allows the brand to offer the optimal tools to fit the severity of the customer's needs. We hope to bring positive change to the futures of each and every one of our customers.

Product Summary
Highest concentration of minoxidil in Japan: 5% content
Design Concept: Harmony "Dot"

The design concept is Harmony Dot, meaning resonating together. It expresses the idea that the various dots harmonize and resonate with each other to create new possibilities. It shows our wish that minoxidil should harmonize with our customers' lifestyles and living spaces so that more customers can use it easily in their everday lives. The colors silver and rigid black are used to express the ideas of the future, new and fresh, and future growth.

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