Corporate October 12 2018

World's First "Washable Book" Wins Overseas Advertising Award, Tambuli Awards Grand Prize

Release on October 12, 2018

As part of the "Save Soap Project", Angfa Co., Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; representative director: Kumahiro Miyama; "Angfa" below) has delivered "Washable Books," which are washed with soap before reading, in order to educate children in Cambodia about hand-washing. The books were awarded the grand prize in the Health and Wellness category by the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards 2018 ("Tambuli Awards" below). The Tambuli Awards are global creative awards targeted at the Asia-Pacific region. Under the theme of "Brands that do good and do well", these awards recognize brandwork which has Creativity, accomplishes Human Good, and achieves Results. Angfa's corporate message is "Change the future", and we started CSR activities in October 2017. Not only did the Washable Book receive an award, but we belive that Tambuli Awards recognized that Angfa's Save Soap Project, which teaches children that the future can be changed by hand-washing and embodies that message, is consistent with its theme and concept of Human Good. We believe that this grand prize award will also help to promote our CSR activities in the future. Angfa will continue to teach children in Cambodia and around the world that preventive medicine can change the future, and we will continue to spread the word of hand-washing as a preventive measure. Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards 2018 results:

Washable Book Summary

Applying a printing technique whereby the hidden image expressed in color appears after being permeated by water (watermark printing), this is the world's first picture book which lets children enjoy the story by washing each page with soap. The message we want to send to the children of Cambodia is: "Wash your hands to prevent illness and grow up to fulfill your future." Before being wetted with water, the picture book depicts scenes of the children's current everyday lives. Washing and rinsing the dirty hand on the right-hand page with soap causes the future of their dreams to appear. Our goal is for the children to experience and understand that by washing their hands as they read the book, they can prevent illness and change the future.

Save Soap Project Summary

The Save Soap Project was started on October 11, 2017 and is a Buy One, Give One Program which aims to spread Angfa's idea of preventive medicine to many countries and people around the world. In order to improve the hygiene in Cambodia, which suffers from infectious disease, soap is sent there to improve cleanliness and prevent disease.* *The Save Soap Project is conducted with the cooperation of public charitable corporation Japan Philanthropy Association and NPO SHARE (Services for Health in Asian & African Regions).

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