Corporate philosophy


Striving to help build an aging care lifestyle for
“A beautiful and healthy life for all your days.”

Providing true beauty and health to all the people of the world.
Since our establishment, our wish for Angfa has been a commitment to conscientiousness.
This conscientiousness is made concrete by our close relationships with numerous doctors and clinical and research institutions, delivered to the world in the form of our unparalleled original Dr. Products.
Angfa works every day to be a leading company, with our Dr. Products beloved and trusted by everyone.
For beauty and health, for all people…

from the CEO

To seek out and provide the possibility of limitless beauty and health.

We are all equally subject to the passage of time. No one can stop the years from going by.
That is why we all desire to be beautiful as long as we can, and to live a healthy life.
Pursuiting of beauty and health have the potential for our lives to shine brightly.
With its origins in the healthcare field, Angfa knows as much about this potential as anyone.
We believe that what was impossible yesterday, we can surely accomplish tomorrow, by challenging ourselves to develop products that can do what was never done before.
Angfa collaborates with a wide variety of experts, including doctors and physicians.
Developed under their strict supervision, our products offer the promise of guaranteed quality, so they may be used with confidence, and of a satisfying change that will come with regular use.


Kumahiro Miyama, CEO, Angfa Co., Ltd.

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