Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

About the management of customer personal information

At Angfa Co., Ltd. (hereafter “this company”), we respect the personal information customers provide on the website we manage (hereafter “this website”). We have established appropriate rules for the treatment of customer personal information based on a management system centering on our personal information protection staff. In addition to applying, teaching, and monitoring those rules, we also review them and work to improve them on a daily basis.
We also store our information system safely on a server protected by a security system, and endeavor to protect personal information from illicit access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage.

About entrusting customer personal information to subcontractors and affiliates

This company will not disclose a customer’s personal information to any third party other than our subcontractors without the customer’s consent.
All our subcontractors have signed confidentiality agreements with us, and we will entrust customer information to them only under our strict management and within the minimum scope necessary for the fulfillment of their work duties.
In order to make future improvements to our services, this company may also entrust customers’ company names, addresses, full names, or other related information to affiliates who have signed confidentiality agreements with us.

In that case, this company will take responsibility to ensure customer personal information is used within the scope of this company’s purposes of use and that appropriate safety measures are taken. We will supervise as necessary and appropriate to protect customer personal information.
We may also submit a customer’s personal information to an official body if that body obligates us to do so in accordance with the law, etc. In this case, we will submit the information in a highly secure manner to ensure it is not leaked or damaged.

About cookie use

Cookies are used for some of the content on this website.
A cookie is information saved in your browser when you access a website, but it does not include any personal information like your name or email address.
We may use cookie information to effectively display ads to people who access this website, or to analyze access data.
You can also disable cookies in your browser settings.

About the treatment of customer personal information

This company will treat customer personal information in accordance with the above paragraphs, which we will endeavor to revise and improve as appropriate.

Customer personal information inquiry desk

With this personal information protection policy, we are assuming you agree to our treatment and collection of your personal information. If you do not agree, or if you have any questions regarding this company’s treatment of your personal information, please contact our inquiry desk below.

This document was updated on August 31st, 2018.
This company may change all or part of this privacy policy.
In that case, we will post the updated privacy policy on our website.

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