• Scalp D 1 Scalp D 2 Scalp D 3 Scalp D 4


    A hair care brand born at a hair treatment clinic, inspired by the concept of a clean scalp

  • Eyelash Eye Serum 1 Eyelash Eye Serum 2 Eyelash Eye Serum 3 Eyelash Eye Serum 4

    Eyelash Serum

    Japan’s No. 1 eyelash beauty serum series, developed through hair restoration research from a specialist hair clinic

  • Scalp D Beaute 1 Scalp D Beaute 2 Scalp D Beaute 3 Scalp D Beaute 4


    A hair care brand designed for women’s scalps

  • hybrid protein 1 hybrid protein 2

    SCALP-D Hybrid Protein

    A protein combination that not only strengthens your muscles, but also your roots

  • D style 1 D style 2 D style 3 D style 4

    SCALP-D D-Style

    A next generation hair styling formula made from hair-rejuvenating components that is gentle on your hair and scalp

  • Dou 1 Dou 2


    A body management supplement to suit any lifestyle

  • D skin 2 D skin 1 D skin 3 D skin 4

    D-SKIN Men

    A skin care product for men, made from a carefully selected combination of ingredients produced in Japan

  • Dr.’s Natural Recipe 1 Dr.’s Natural Recipe 2 Dr.’s Natural Recipe 3 Dr.’s Natural Recipe 4

    Dr.'s Natural Recipe

    A natural food brand with the mission of “Beauty from the inside out.”

  • Scalp D supplement 1 Scalp D supplement 2 Scalp D supplement 3 Scalp D supplement 4

    SCALP-D Supplement

    A SCALP-D supplement designed for healthy hair

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