Eyelash Serum

scalp-d gold

The most used
eyelash serum in Japan


Number one in market shares for five consecutive years since its launch.*
It has not only achieved number one in top Japanese stores like Tokyu Hands, Plaza, and Loft,
but also been number once in the ranking of Japan’s largest online mall Rakuten Ichiba since its launch day.
*1 Japan’s SCALP-D Beauté Eyelash Serum, featured in Fuji Keizai “Cosmetics Marketing Outline 2018 No3” treatment mascaras (2013-2017)

Best Cosme Awards

Our serum had the number 1 review ranking on Japan’s largest cosmetics review site @Cosme for three years in a row since its launch.
The fastest hall of fame entry ever.
(@Cosme Best Mascara Awards 2015)

A product by doctors

This product was developed under the supervision of doctors with hair growth clinical research data from hair growth clinics.


Making all women’s eyes beautiful
Our ideal lashes
Healthy, supple lashes that don’t fall out easily!

Do you ever wish you could do something to keep your thin eyelashes from falling out?

For strong, healthy lashes, it’s important to take care of their base: the skin around your eyes.
It’s the same way you use skincare to protect your skin! Just like you apply toner after washing your face,
you should also apply serum to your eyelashes.
Won’t you protect your precious eyelashes with us?

Total care following the growth cycle

The hair on your head and the hair in your eyelashes each have their own growth cycle.
Compared to the hair on your head, your eyelashes have a short growth period of only around 40 days.
It’s important to care for your eyelashes to make sure they don’t get damaged and fall out before completing the growth period!

SCALP-D Eyelash Serum contains ingredients for each stage of the growth cycle.

Everyday habits damage your eyelashes
before you realize it

The burden on your eyelashes

  • 26kg

    The burden of one year of pulling off fake eyelashes is equivalent to pulling a 26 kilogram bulldog 1 centimeter.
  • 65kg

    The burden of opening your eyelids with eyelash extensions on is equivalent to lifting a female judo player (65kg) 1 centimeter.
  • 95kg

    The burden of opening your eyelids with fake lashes on is equivalent to lifting a 95 kilogram wrestler 1 centimeter.
  • 168kg

    The burden on your eyelids when you remove your mascara is equivalent to pulling 168 kilograms (about 2 Saint Bernards) 1 centimeter


  • Optimize your eyelash growth cycle

    Unique active ingredient Lash D Capsule

    Contains multiple ingredients for hair growth, mostly based on clinical data. We also independently developed the Lash D Capsule technology to break down these hair growth ingredients so they can penetrate even deeper into the skin.
  • Delivering even more beautifying ingredients

    The D curl applicator Makes it easy to apply at the base

    Our unique D curl applicator is shaped to fit your eyelashes to deliver more ingredients to the roots Reliably delivers beautifying ingredients to each and every lash
  • Don’t worry about getting it in your eyes

    Gentle on the eyes Free of additives

    Because you’re putting it on your precious eyes, this product is free of additives. It doesn’t contain any oil, alcohol, silicone, parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, or surfactants. It’s safe to use on both your upper and lower lashes.

is trending throughout Asia

“Matsuiku” means “eyelash growth” in Japanese.

  • Even if you use a lot, it lasts two months, so both your lashes and your wallet will be happy! I’m going to keep working on my matsuiku.

  • It’s super easy to use! After I changed my eyelash serum to SCALP-D, my eyelashes were visibly fuller in just two weeks!

  • I’ve only just started using it, but my eyelashes stay curled upward longer even just with mascara!

  • Even though I wasn’t wearing any makeup, my boyfriend complimented my long eyelashes! This is more affordable than eyelash extensions!

  • When I went to get my eyelash extensions fixed, they complimented me saying they could put on more extensions than before!

  • Even though it’s so reasonably priced, I have no complaints about the results! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

Because customers need it
We need to deliver it

SCALP-D Eyelash Serum was inspired by customer voices.

Although there were medical products available for the eyelashes, they could only be obtained in clinics.
We heard many customers saying, “We want an over-the-counter product that’s easier to use.”

Hearing those voices, we wanted to help all women feel more confident without makeup.
We wanted to create a product customers could feel excited about.
And so we started researching eyelashes.

Based on SCALP-D’s hair growth research,
we spent five years developing SCALP-D Eyelash Serum to stimulate fast,
thick eyelash growth.

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