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SCALP-D is one of
Japan’s most famous hair growth brands.

~90% Brand recognition rate~

Survey (conducted in May 2018) Japanese men in their 20’s and 30’s with an interest in hair growth (n=200)


Japan’s number one best selling men’s shampoo (9 consecutive years) *Fuji Keizai, “Cosmetics Marketing Outline 2018 No2,” Men’s shampoos/ rinses (2009-2017)


Developed based on clinical data from a total of 1.9 million male pattern baldness cases

2 / 3

Among those who tried our shampoos, more than 2 out of 3 want to use it again (73% repetition rate)(From January 2017- December 2017 sales results)


Reaching dimensions no shampoo had ever reached before
Inspired by the recommendations of a doctor treating hair loss

It started out with a hair growth clinic doctor who told us, “I wish you would make a shampoo for people struggling with hair loss.”
The patients who visited this doctor kept asking, “What should I look out for on a daily basis?
What kind of shampoo should I use?” This was a struggle unique to male pattern baldness patients.
They were desperate to know if there was something they could do to avoid making their symptoms worse.
Our mission was to create a product that could alleviate those symptoms, even just a little.

At the time, shampoos were generally expected to make hair clean and smooth.
Almost all the products on the market simply aimed at making hair shinier.
Developing a shampoo that would enhance hair’s natural growth potential was also a challenge technically speaking.

To create healthy hair, scalp care is essential

The foundation of hair care lies not in caring for hair that’s already grown, but in caring for the scalp that produces the hair.
Caring for the scalp means cleaning dirt (mainly excess sebum) from the scalp and pores. This was an important hint we understood thanks to our cooperation with doctors.

In this way, Angfa set to work creating a shampoo to clean the scalp.

The shampoo approved by patients struggling with hair loss!

In 2001, in cooperation with medical facilities specializing in hair care, the product that would become the basis for SCALP-D was born.
At the time, the product was aimed at medical hair care facilities and was not available for general sale.
Because of high praise and strong recommendations from patients who used the shampoo, in 2005 we began selling it to the public as SCALP-D.

The shampoo created to clean the scalp, based on clinical data from a total of 238,000* cases Thanks to the many men who have accepted and supported SCALP-D, it has been the number one best selling men’s shampoo for nine consecutive years since 2009. (*Fuji Keizai, “Cosmetics Marketing Outline 2018 No2,” Men’s shampoos/ rinses (2009-2017)) The “D” in SCALP-D is a reference to “doctors, dermatology, and development.” *Data from time of product development. As of 2017, we have worked to improve the product even further based on clinical data from a total of 1.9 million cases.

The scalp
comes firstprinciple

Why the scalp and not the hair?

Healthy hair won’t grow from an unhealthy scalp.
SCALP-D is not a shampoo to wash your hair.
Rather, it creates conditions for healthy hair growth by keeping the scalp clean.

  • Healthy scalp
    Healthy scalp
  • Lipid scalp
    Greasy scalp

Products by scalp type

  • Strong oily

    Strong oily

    (For extremely oily skin)
  • Oily


    (For oily skin)
  • dry


    (For dry skin)
  • Pac Conditioner


    (For all skin types)

Feel the difference
as soon as you use it!

  • Extreme cleaning power!

    We reenacted the shampoo’s power to clean the scalp by covering a bumpy lemon with fake sebum and washing it for one minute.
  • Super refreshing bubbles!

    Contains a special cleansing ingredient with succinic acid* to create a satisfying, thick lather *sodium laureth sulfosuccinate (cleanser)

Angfa research and development

AminoWash+, the surfactant we developed to cleanse the scalp View more

Set your hair with body and volume
that stays all day long!

Body-enhancing ingredients* work on flat hair from the outside in

*hydrolyzed keratin (wool), coconut oil fatty acid hydrolyzed keratin potassium solution, hydroxypropyl chitosan solution, glyceryl-N- (2-methacryloyloxyethyl) carbamate/ stearyl methacrylate copolymer, sodium dilauramidoglutamide lysine solution (all moisturizers)


  • The refreshing feeling after washing is addicting.

  • My scalp no longer feels oily even after working all day.

  • This is the first time I’ve noticed lather in a shampoo.

  • My daughter told me my pillow doesn’t stink anymore.

  • It’s really easy to set my hair now, probably because it has more body.

The shampoo with 70% scalp care ingredients
Based on scalp care ingredients, not water

Angfa research and development

Report on our independently developed scalp care ingredients

Developed the hair growth agent “soy milk ferment filtrate” View more

Angfa research and development

Report on our independently developed scalp care ingredients

Developed the blood circulation promotion agent “ginseno liquid EX” View more

Relieve sticky
scalp discomfort


Reset your scalp’s condition
with our conditioner after shampooing

It will keep your freshly washed scalp moisturized and protect it from dryness.

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