How to use

How to use
our shampoo

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The three principles of scalp-cleansing shampoo

  1. FIRST1

    Work up a good amino acid lather. Get your scalp clean and moisturized with gentle amino acids.

  2. SECOND2

    Wash with the pads of your fingers. Use the pads of your fingers and be gentle. Make sure not to use your fingernails.

  3. THIRD3

    Rinse clean and dry thoroughly. Take special care after washing. Incomplete drying can cause scalp problems.

  1. STEP1
    Untangle hair before wetting

    Before wetting your hair and scalp, place your palms on the sides of your head and massage your entire scalp for 1-3 minutes, as though you were wrapping your scalp in your hands. Then use a comb or brush to untangle the ends of your hair.

    Why do you loosen it before wetting it?

    Because hair tangles more easily when wet. Untangling before wetting also brings dirt and dead skin cells to the surface so it’s easier to wash off with shampoo.
  2. STEP2
    Rinse scalp and hair well

    Use the pads of your fingers to rinse your hair and scalp. This will remove almost all the dirt and dead skin cells from your hair. But shampooing comes after this.
  3. STEP3
    Bring the shampoo to a lather and wrap it around your hair

    Take 1-2 pumps of shampoo in the palm of your hand. Start in the back of your head and work up a lather toward the sides.

    Washing order is key!

    Wash following steps a-f in the bottom left figure. Use a little more shampoo the first time and focus on washing your hair.
    step3 step3
  4. STEP4
    Rinse carefully

    Rinse once. Then proceed to the second shampoo
  5. STEP5
    The second time, wash and massage your scalp

    Now apply shampoo to your hair and scalp again like in step 3. But this time, focus on washing your scalp.

    Don’t use your fingernails!

    Leaving out your thumbs, place four fingers of each hand on your scalp and move them up and down while applying pressure, but not scratching. As you massage, change the positioning of your fingers little by little to wash your entire scalp. Using fingernails can injure your scalp, so make sure to use the pads of your fingers.
    step5 step5
  6. STEP6
    Take your time and rinse thoroughly

    To rinse, slide your fingers upward in the opposite direction of hair growth and press into your roots, just like you did when shampooing. Touch your scalp directly with the pads of your fingers and make sure no cleansing agents remain on your scalp.

    Rinsing from the top in the shower actually doesn’t work?!

    If you just rinse from the top, you’ll only rinse off the bubbles on the surface of your hair and won’t reach your scalp. Use your fingers to move your hair away from your scalp and rinse by letting the water pool in your hands.

How to use
our conditioner

  1. STEP7
    Condition your hair and scalp

    Spread the conditioner around using the pads of your fingers. Make sure to apply it not only to your hair, but also to your entire scalp like a mask.

    Is it okay to put conditioner on the scalp?!

    SCALP-D’s pack conditioner is meant to be applied to the scalp. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp while preventing stickiness.
  2. STEP8
    Give it time to absorb thoroughly

    Leave for at least one minute (around 3-5 minutes). Wait for the scalp care ingredients to penetrate the skin’s outer layer.
  3. STEP9
    Finally, rinse thoroughly

    Rinse with warm water until your hair and scalp feel smooth when you touch them with the pads of your fingers.
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